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May 04 2017

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effects of parental abuse


+ the inability or struggle to say “no”, because disobedience meant punishment and you are used to being directed all the time

+ being unable to emotionally relate with your family (especially parents, if they are the abuser). concurring thoughts of “i won’t care if THEY die”, or “they won’t care if I die”

+ always afraid/hesitant to confide in someone else about feelings or thoughts, because you are used to being neglected/dismissed when you talk about your feelings, constantly being replied with “get over it”. the consequence of this is that the emotions/feelings pile up inside over time and, when you reach the limit, you suddenly become self-destructive or imminently violent/emotional

+ however, when given the chance to CONFIDE about your feelings with freedom confidently, everything spills out, even if it’s with a stranger or with someone you have not been in contact for very long.

+ you always assume that the answer to every question/statement you say is “no”, even if you definitely know the person is very likely to say “yes”. you prepare for denial and disappointment and feel a huge wave of relief when they say “yes”.

+ being secretive about enjoyment/liking things, or being secretive in what you’ve done for the day, even if it’s not deemed “bad” or “illegal”.

+ simultaneously confused whether you have affection towards your parent(s) or you hate them whole-heartedly, despite knowing that they abuse you. the confusion stems from “well, they’re my parent, so i think they’re doing this because they love me”, though the thought is, of course, false

+ being scared that people will only take advantage of you, as your parents consequently thought of you as an object to benefit from, and not someone to love.

+ being easily attached to others, because you had no parental figure. this can lead you to being easily manipulated and you are very easily controlled. children under parental abuse are also more likely to have “chosen families”.

+ having an “escape plan” or “last resort” if you still live with your parents, just in case they do something worse to you, thinking up of elaborate plans to get out, how you’ll survive, where you’ll stay, etc.

+ being surprised learning that other parents are unlike your parents, and having to have someone/a source to tell you that what your parents are doing is abusive, and as a child you thought it was normal to be unhappy at home.

+ liking school or days out because that meant being away from your parents

+ developing emotional/personality disorders and distorted thinking

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if i die, check my soup. you'll learn everything 
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Muszę wrócić do źródła, bo przecież nie po to kładę się spać, by sny o wolności przerywały mi rozklekotane tramwaje. I nie po to mam płuca, by je gwałcić fabrycznym dymem. 
Muszę wrócić do źródła, bo nie po to mam oczy, by je drażnić widnokresem z betonu. I nie po to mam serce, by mi pękało na środku pustej ulicy milionowego miasta.
Aby żyć, muszę wrócić do źródła. Tu, gdzie teraz jestem, świat skończył się już dawno.
— Jarosław Borszewicz “Mroki” (via wzruszenia)
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Vladimir: I don’t understand.

Estragon: Use your intelligence, can’t you?

(Vladimir uses his intelligence)

Vladimir: (finally) I remain in the dark.

— Samuel Beckett, "Waiting for Godot"
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    Jeżeli porcelana to wyłącznie taka 
    Której nie żal pod butem tragarza lub gąsienicą czołgu, 
    Jeżeli fotel, to niezbyt wygodny, tak aby 
    Nie było przykro podnieść się i odejść; 
    Jeżeli odzież, to tyle, ile można unieść w walizce, 
    Jeżeli książki, to te, które można unieść w pamięci, 
    Jeżeli plany, to takie, by można o nich zapomnieć 
    gdy nadejdzie czas następnej przeprowadzki 
    na inna ulicę, kontynent, etap dziejowy 
    lub świat

    Kto ci powiedział, że wolno się przyzwyczajać? 
    Kto ci powiedział, że cokolwiek jest na zawsze? 
    Czy nikt ci nie powiedział, że nie będziesz nigdy 
    w świecie 
    czuł się jak u siebie w domu?

— Barańczak
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